Hamburger Helper in the Singlewide

When Jesse and I first met, he invited me over for dinner at his place. He was a 20 year old bachelor so my expectations were not high. We ate Hamburger Helper and green beans in the romantic setting of his singlewide trailer in rural Highland County. I think we also watched the hunting channel sitting on his camouflage couch. I wish I was joking. Anyway.... I laugh at this memory, but honestly my cooking skills weren't much better.  

Second date - the Highland County Fair! 

Second date - the Highland County Fair! 

We've come a long way since our days in the singlewide! I still hesitate to share with you what our meals around here are really like. I feel like there's a lot of pressure when you're a farmer selling a high quality product to be some sort of gourmet cook. The truth is - we eat well, but it's nothing fancy!

Jesse and I both work off farm jobs in addition to our family and farm responsibilities, so we are just normal working parents in survival mode most days. I love to cook a huge feast (especially with my Mama and Sister in the kitchen with me), but 99% of the time that just isn't practical. By 6pm the toddler is circling us, and if food isn't in her belly by 6:30 there's some serious drama happening. To avoid hangry toddler mode and still have enough time for evening chores, we create simple meals with high quality, locally grown ingredients. 

We hope you will join us on our journey to drama free dinners! Meals are built around our pasture-raised meats and as much locally grown produce as possible. We focus on real food for real people requiring minimal effort, no weird spices or ingredients you'll only use once, using foods you can feel good about feeding your family. If we can make the change from Hamburger Helper to cooking with real foods, so can you! 

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From our kitchen to yours, Happy Cooking!