Our animals are raised ethically and responsibly as part of a natural system benefiting the livestock, the environment, consumers, and us as their caretakers. Cattle, hogs and chickens are rotationally grazed through our farms creating healthier animals, the highest quality products, and boosting forage growth without the use of synthetic fertilizers.


Grass-fed beef

Ever tasted grass-fed and finished beef? Beware... you'll never want to go back to bland conventionally raised beef again! Our cattle are raised on pasture through Spring, Summer and Fall then fed locally produced hay in Winter. Beef is available as cuts or bulk purchases as quarters, halves and wholes. 


Pasture-raised poultry & Eggs

Spending the majority of their lives on pasture gives our chickens and turkeys a flavor and texture unlike any confinement raised bird. Supplemented with a locally raised and milled non-GMO grain, these birds are healthy and happy with no antibiotics ever needed. Chickens available as whole birds, cuts and chicken sausage. Turkeys available for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Laying hens follow cattle in the pasture rotation, producing eggs with rich golden yolks and high levels of vitamin D. 


pasture-raised heritage breed pork

Just like our chickens, the difference in pork raised in confinement and on pasture is night and day! This pork is juicy, flavorful and will make your friends think you are a culinary genius. Pigs are supplemented with a locally raised and milled non-GMO feed. Available as cuts or bulk purchased as halves or wholes.