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About Us

Hello Everyone! My name is Dana Workman Stacey and I am the owner/operator of Grass Powered Poultry & Meats in Hillsboro, Ohio. I grew up a horse girl in the suburbs of Zanesville, Ohio, but always had a passion for all things farming. 

By day I am a rural property appraiser for a local agricultural coop. The rest of my time is spent building our dream farm, taking pictures of my adorable cows, and enjoying time with my husband Jesse and our precious little girls, Eliza and Brynn. 

Jesse is an integral part of the operation and helps with a lot of the day to day farm tasks, building projects, fixing things I break, and making this dream a reality.

Jesse grew up immersed in farm life raising livestock for 4-H projects and working alongside his Dad in a grain operation.

Our own pasture-based farm venture began in 2012 when we raised a batch of pastured meat chickens for ourselves, family and friends. Along the way, we added laying hens, turkeys, Scottish Highland Cattle and teamed up with another local farmer to raise pastured Heritage Breed hogs.

The more we learned about the issues of our current food system, the more committed we became to growing a stronger local food economy and making sure our community had access to wholesome pasture-raised products. We are relearning many animal husbandry and cooking skills lost over time and doing our best to encourage others on the same path. We hope you will join us on our journey! 

Follow the link below to learn more about our products and farming practices.